4 Cleaning Hacks to Help Pet Owners and Their Furry Family Get Along Better

4 Cleaning Hacks to Help Pet Owners and Their Furry Family Get Along Better

Being a pet owner is one of the best and most joyous things. However, our furry family can at times test our patience and cause a lot of extra cleaning. Today, we have a few hacks and innovative suggestions for helping create some harmony.

Getting rid of stains – We have a special mixture to help you get rid of stains. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide and pour it on the carpet. Cover the area with a towel so the stain can be transferred. Repeat the process until there is no more transfer from the carpet stain. Cover the area with a towel and a heavy object to dry.

Get rid of odors – Pets have accidents, especially when they are still young and getting trained. To get rid of the urine and other accident odors, wash the soiled items with normal detergent and add a ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar. This will get rid of the smell and will also discourage your pets to do it again.

Cleaning vomit – Don’t clean it up immediately. Allow it to dry and then vacuum it up. It is much easier to clean when it has dried. You can then wash the carpet to get the stain and smell out without rubbing it deeper into the carpet.

Get rid of hair – Most pets shed hair – it is just the amount that is different. To help you clean up the hair, spray some static removal product on the surfaces where you have a problem with hair, for example, the carpets and furniture. Let the solution work for a few minutes and then vacuum the surfaces as normal.

Try these simple tricks and see how easy cleaning can be. It will make it easier and let you enjoy time with your loving furry family. A messy pet is a normal pet, so just be patient and support him through his training-wheel phase.