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4 Important Things to Do When You Consider Adopting a Rescue Dog from a Shelter

4 Important Things to Do When You Consider Adopting a Rescue Dog from a Shelter

Adopting a rescue dog means that you are saving a life. People think that dogs are only taken to shelters because there is something wrong with them. This is far from true. People give up their dogs because of allergies, because they cannot take care of them anymore, because they have to move, or because they didn’t realize what having a dog would be like. A rescue dog will be the most loyal and loving companion.

When you visit the shelter ready to adopt your rescue dog, you should:

Ask a Lot of Questions

Many pets are returned to a shelter or given up because the owners don’t understand what taking care of them entail. Ask about the prospective costs that you can expect. If your dog has special needs, you will probably have to prepare for extra vet costs, medication, etc. Ask about the dog’s personality, history and temperament. Ask how he is with other dogs, cats and children. Ask about their exercise and attention needs. All this information will ensure that you know what to expect.

Let Your Pets Get Acquainted

Before finalizing the adoption, ask the shelter if you can bring your other fur family members to meet the new dog. This way you will be able to see how they interact and if there may be any problems. If they get used to each other a bit, you will have no problems.

Adopt an Adult Dog

You will find many adult dogs in shelters just waiting their lives away because everyone wants a cute puppy. Everyone wanting a cute puppy is why so many bigger dogs end up in shelters because they didn’t know how big he will get. When you adopt an adult dog, you not only give him hope again, but you also know what type of dog you get. Older dogs’ personalities have settled and they are more mature and calm. Many of them have possibly been trained and will settle into your family with ease.

Don’t Give Dogs as a gift

Giving someone a dog as a gift may seem like a good idea, but you don’t know the reasons why don’t have one. If they don’t really want a dog, the dog will become unwanted and possibly end up in a shelter. Rather make sure they want one or avoid giving a dog as a gift altogether.

Rescue dogs understand how lucky they are to find a forever home. They understand that they are unwanted and that their previous humans didn’t want them anymore. They have feelings and they feel hurt and sad. When you adopt a rescue dog, you become a hero and you gain a friend for life. The rescue dogs need you, but this should not be a hasty decision. Take your time and be sure that you are ready for the commitment.

Facts About Animal Shelters: The Good and the Bad

Facts About Animal Shelters: The Good and the Bad

Animal rescue centers and shelters do wonderful work and they see some of the most amazing and most tragic things every day. Shelters are not ideal for animals, but at least it gives them a temporary home. Unfortunately, it may be their last home if they don’t get adopted. We would like to share some general facts about shelters to show what it is all about.

The Bad

Many dogs in shelters are purebred. Yes, you read correctly. 25% of the dogs that are found in shelters are purebred. This means that the owners bought them from breeders and at some point decided it is not what they wanted or the dog grew too big or some other unacceptable excuse.

Millions of cats and dogs are neutered every year. There is a huge animal overpopulation problem across the world. In the US, between 3 and 4 million cats and dogs are killed every year because the shelters are full and people don’t adopt.

People don’t neuter or spay. The biggest contributor to overpopulation is irresponsible owners. These owners allow their pets to reproduce (knowingly or not) and worsen the problem. The right thing to do to ensure the safety of your pet and help the shelters is to spay and neuter your pets as soon as they are old enough.

The Good

Shelters don’t only rescue dogs and cats. At most shelters, you will be able to adopt cats, dogs, pigs, hamsters, guinea pigs, cows, reptiles, chickens, turtles, and more. People who abandon animals tend to not discriminate against species. All these different animals are waiting for their forever homes.

You will find the most unique animals. There is no better place to find a unique and loving animal to make part of your family. The remaining 75% of dogs and all the other animals are mixed breeds. If you are like us and don’t mind what type of breed we get, you must adopt from a shelter.

You can adopt adult animals. Most people want the cute kitten or puppy but they don’t want the costs and effort that go with that. If you are not prepared to give the babies what they need, don’t adopt one. Rather adopt and adult cat or dog that has calmed down and matured. They still need attention, walks, etc., but they will most likely be less destructive.

Shelters offer support. When you adopt from a shelter, the workers and volunteers will be able to help you find the perfect pet. They know all the animals very well and can match you up with your perfect furry friend.

Shelters do great work but it is the responsibility of the public to help them survive and solve the animal overpopulation problem. Millions of animals will continue to be killed every year if something doesn’t change soon. Shelter animals are so loyal and they are all very grateful when someone adopts them. They truly make the best companions because they have had such hard lives.