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When To Take Your Dog To The Vet

When To Take Your Dog To The Vet

Often times, we are sent messages regarding various symptoms and signs of potential injury to dogs that pet owners are unsure of whether or not they should be taken to the vet. Many times, these symptoms and issues they describe are relatively harmless or indicative of something minor that wouldn’t warrant a potentially expensive trip to the animal clinic. It can definitely be frightening seeing one of your four legged family members undergoing something that you are unsure of, especially related to their health. Whether your pet is wheezing, coughing, limping, or frothing at the mouth, here are some of the most common signs of something being wrong with their health that would, in the large majority of cases, warrant a trip to the veterinarian’s office.

We spoke with the team at our local veterinarian emergency room ( to help us come up with a list of some of the most commonly seen issues that would cause you to bring your dog to the vet as soon as possible. These are the signs and symptoms that should worry you!

1. Emergency Trauma

Unfortunately, one of the most common things that would, in 100% of cases, require a trip to the emergency veterinarian is trauma to the dog. If your pet sustained some type of bodily harm such as falling, being hit by a car or bike, or becoming involved in a fight with another animal or dog, it’s absolutely vital that you take them to the veterinarian clinic as soon as possible. In some cases, the dog may even appear okay on the outside after sustaining trauma, but upon inspection from a professional, may have internal injuries, such as lung problems, internal bleeding, or another injury that doesn’t show symptoms immediately. More often than not, if you see your dog seemingly in a lot of pain or limping, it’s always a good choice to get them checked out.

2. Breathing Problems

In both humans and animals, potential issues with the airway and breathing are extremely problematic. Sometimes, it may be caused by having something lodged in the throat, causing choking. In other cases, it could be because of an allergic reaction or something known as Dyspnea, which takes the form of wheezing, choking, or raspy sounding breathing. These are very serious incidents, and should never be taken lightly.

3. Mental Issues

In general, dogs are happy, bright, and responsive to your actions. If you happen to notice any major changes in your dog’s day to day mood, such as being lethargic, weak, or just overall tired, you should take them to the veterinarian to get a checkout as soon as possible. In some cases, these symptoms can be something relatively minor such as indigestion causing them to feel bad, but in other cases, could be the sign of an extremely problematic illness that needs to be treated and taken care of.

4. Constant Vomiting/Diarrhea

Another commonly found issue that can happen with dogs is diarrhea and vomiting. While they can be signs of a serious dog health issue, it’s important that you give them at least a day to work themselves out to ensure it isn’t just your usual stomach bug. If your dog is seemingly okay aside from the occasional bouts of sickness, just ensure they have plenty of water and keep them rested. If you happen to see any blood in the vomit or diarrhea, or if it doesn’t clear out in a prompt time, then be sure to bring your animal to the vet immediately to be checked out.


No matter what issue you may be coming across with your dog, taking the proper precautions and getting them checked out can be the difference between another day in the life or a serious issue arising. If at any time you are seriously concerned with your pet’s health, then it can never hurt to take them to the nearest clinic as soon as possible to put your mind at ease.

How to Put Together a First Aid Kit for Your Pets

How to Put Together a First Aid Kit for Your Pets

Our pets are part of the family and they also have accidents or get sick. Just like you have a first aid kit for the humans in your home, you should compile one for your pets. You can either buy a ready-made kit or put together your own. The things needed for a pet first aid kit is a bit different from those of humans. Include these items:


A first aid kid, whether for humans or pets, needs to have some medication. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you never give your pets human medication. Include these items for day-to-day cuts, scrapes, and other minor injuries or conditions:

  • Canine Aspirin
  • Disinfectant
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Allergy medication
  • Activated charcoal
  • Ointment for itching
  • Ear cleaning solution
  • Anti-diarrhea medication

Important Paperwork

It is important to have emergency numbers close by and know where to find them. If someone else will need to look after your pets, they need contact details and information about medication.

Laminate and stick important information to the top or inside of the kit container. This should include the name and contact details of your vet and the nearest emergency clinic, a list of medications and the dosages if your pet has medical conditions, and the number of a Poison Control Centre.


You will also need to include some tools to help you administer medication, subdue your pet when he or she is in pain, etc. You will need, among others, the following basics:

  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Eye dropper
  • Oral syringe
  • Nail clippers
  • Muzzle
  • Blankets and towels

You should ask your vet about specific items that you may need for your pets. You will also need to have basic supplies like gauze pads, first aid tape, cotton swabs, bandages, etc. With these things in place, you will be much better prepared to help your pet when they get hurt or sick. It also helps when you go away and someone else looks after them.