Healthy Shopping For Home & Health – Pets Included!

Healthy Shopping For Home & Health – Pets Included!

Grocery shopping can be a dull chore you may dread every week. You may often find that you are overwhelmed with the choices, prices, and store traffic. Perhaps you are tired of making last minute trips to the store throughout the week because you have forgotten certain items. The solution to your problems is much simpler than you may think. Believe it or not, the key to relieving most of the stress that stems from grocery shopping lies in a thorough, well written shopping list.

A grocery list can keep you on track as you navigate your way among the distracting aisles of even the largest of supermarkets. Taking a few minutes to write a list will probably end up saving you money as well, since you will no longer be blindly guessing at the items on shelves. Instead, because of your list, you will know exactly what you want and buy only what you need. With list in hand, savvy shoppers are able to move swiftly and efficiently throughout the grocery store, making it to the checkout line with all their nerves intact.


Adding to the Grocery List Throughout the Week – Incorporating Your Pet’s Nutrition

Keep a pad of paper and a working pen in the kitchen or in some well-used location where they are easily accessible. Throughout the week, as you run out of various products or remember things that you need from the store, write the items down on your list immediately. Even if you are at work or someplace away from the shopping list you can write the item down somewhere and copy it to the list later. If you wait, you risk forgetting what you need altogether and you will inevitably be making an unplanned trip to the store sometime after grocery day.

Compiling a Thorough Shopping List For Yourself and Your Animals

A day or two before you go for groceries, sit down and write out a menu of dinners for the following week (or month, depending on how often you go grocery shopping). Doing this a couple of days before shopping gives you some time to remember anything you may have initially forgotten to include on the list. Include any side dishes or desserts you may intend to serve with each dinner.

With this master menu in hand, begin with the first dinner and write down every food item you will have to buy, checking your fridge and pantry as you go along. Make your way through each dinner until you have written down on your shopping list everything you will need to cook the dinners on your menu. Be sure to mark beside any items you need more than one of.

If you have a senior citizen who lives with you, it’s important to take their nutritional needs in to consideration when going through the shopping list you need. One of our local senior care companies,, offered some great advice on the vitamins and minerals you want to ensure all seniors are incorporating into their diet, such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Iron, Fiber, and many others!

Once you have taken care of all dinner items, add any breakfast, lunch, and snack foods you will need to purchase. Breakfasts may include things like cereal, eggs, milk, and bagels. Lunch might include bread, lunchmeat, chips, and cookies for the kids and microwave dinners or instant pasta meals for you. Don’t forget to add snacks like fruit, crackers, and nuts to the shopping list. If you do your grocery shopping at more than one store, make two separate lists and label each with the name of the appropriate store and include all corresponding groceries.

List Tips to Help You Save On Your Monthly Grocery Bill – Dogs, Cats, And Everything In Between!

You may wish to write your grocery list on the back of an envelope if you have coupons you want to use. Then you can simply slip them into the envelope to keep everything together. Remember to mark any coupon items on your shopping list to remind you to save. Also, since most grocery stores now post their weekly sales paper online, you can visit your supermarket’s website to see which items are on sale. If you desire to purchase any of these, add them to your list to avoid passing up the savings.

With these grocery list tools in hand you can relax a little more about shopping. Instead of being stressful, the chore will become a simple matter of collecting the items on your list. A little organization can save you a lot of aggravation – and spare you from those inconvenient, midweek grocery runs.