Signs that Mean Your Dog Needs a Veterinarian

Signs that Mean Your Dog Needs a Veterinarian

Our dogs show us when they are unhappy or sick and we just need to make sure we pick up on the signs. We may not always understand what is wrong, but some signs mean that you need to call the vet and make sure what is wrong. Look out for these signs.

1. Difficulty breathing – this could be a sign of heart or respiratory problems. Also, look out for blue or white gums or tongue for the same reason. If your dog had an accident in water or nearly drowned, have him checked out for potential problems.

2. Signs of injury – Some injuries are small and may just need some antiseptic cleaning. However, more severe injuries that come from being hit by a car, being in a serious fight with other animals, getting shot, etc. needs to be checked. Even if it doesn’t look that bad, it is better to be sure. If your dog was in a fight with an animal that wasn’t vaccinated, it may cause him to get sick. Any wound that shows bone, torn skin, bleeds a lot or causes serious swelling, must be checked out by a vet.

3. Signs of gastrointestinal distress – Having gastrointestinal problems is very uncomfortable for your dog. You should look for signs of strain without success, a bloated abdomen, vomiting that won’t stop or contains blood, blood in the stool, bleeding rectum, or choking. These signs can also indicate that your dog may have swallowed a toy or other foreign object or got poisoned somehow.

4. Skin problems – All dogs will scratch themselves – it is normal. When the scratching becomes excessive and is causing excessive shedding, it may indicate a problem. Irritated skin, persistent scratching and chewing at the same spot, red bumps and lumps that are not normal, and maggots, are all signs that your dog needs veterinary attention.

The basic rule to follow is to seek a vet’s advice when your dog shows abnormal behavior. It is always better to be safe rather than sorry.

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