Welcome to the SACARC blog page. At SACARC we are dedicated to the safety and care of animals. We are an animal care and rescue center and try to take care of as many furry babies as we can. Our shelter is one of the largest and our rescue clinic is one of the best in the country. We rescue all types of animals from all over to make sure that they get the necessary medical attention and can be placed in their forever homes.

Frank Waters runs our shelter and is such a wonderful pet lover. He, and his team, truly believe that a rescued pet is the most loyal and loving pet you will ever have. They are so grateful for the humans that take them in and give them a second chance at life. No animal wants to feel unwanted and think that no-one loves him. They are just longing to be loved and played with and have a warm family to be a part of.

SACARC wants to help all these abandoned and abused animals to find their forever homes. Please visit us in Harlingen, Texas to come and be a hero for one or more of our animals. They deserve to be taken home.

For more information send us an email at info@sacarc.org. We look forward to meeting you.