SACARC needs your help. As with most animal shelters and rescue centers, we are always in need of more food, blankets, and donations to cover vet costs. Our shelter houses hundreds of lovely animals from cats to turtles and we want to continue caring for them as best we can. So, we need your help.

Please consider donating to SACARC.

You can donate in the following ways:

1. Financial donations – We always have vet costs to keep our animals healthy and get the new rescues back to health. We also have a lot of food to buy and blankets against the cold. Financial donations are welcomed and deeply appreciated as we never have enough to care of all our furry friends.

You can donate through EFT, PayPal, or send a check.

2. Time donations – If you are unable to donate financially or would like to contribute in more ways, we can always use volunteers. The animals love meeting new people to play with and who can take them on walks. Volunteering your time is just as important as money because it gives the animals hope and makes them feel loved.

All the donations we receive are strictly applied towards making sure that all our rescues are cared for and healthy. We have new rescues on a daily basis and we often struggle to keep up with limited space and resources.

We thank every person who has donated or will be making a donation. The fur babies and ourselves are eternally grateful for every little bit.